Anti Ban Host File Download For Pubg

Anti ban host file download for both pubg mobile and pubg mobile lite. are you searching this anti ban articles than you are lucky guys. Hey guys welcome to my new article which helps you for ban in pubg mobile.
Are you always ban from pubg while using some vip script to cheat in pubg mobile. After activating cheats or script you can banned by pubg mobile for 10 years. so, guys today i have solution for this problem which prevent to banning from pubg game.

Anti Ban Host File

We use some anti ban script which prevents banned from pubg mobile. This types of script is making only for preventing banned and this script doesn’t contain any types of cheats like speed knock or magic, before discuss i will told you more about this anti ban script and further i will give a small tutorial which helps you to the correct use of this script. we use several app and file like strange vpn , anti ban script , game guardian and host file.

What Is Anti Ban Host File

Guys anti ban host file is like a script which helps to prevent banning from online games like pubg and free fire. but the file that i will give you is only work in pubg mobile.
This file is made up of several ip adress that helps to prevent ban in pubg mobile this types of file is making by professional developers which works on online gaming industry. bharat me kul kitne rajya hai

Is Pubg Know About Anti Ban Host File

Whenever we use hacks in pubg mobile, the developers insert an artificially program which  detects that somebody hack this game and automatically we banned from pubg mobile.
This process is fully automatically and no one detects manually for ban in pubg mobile. This banning process is done by artificially intelligence. so , by this process we always banned from pubg mobile.

How Actually Anti Ban Host File Works

Guys, the anti abn host is works like a hidder. This host file hide our all vip script codes that i use in pubg mobile with game guarduian. The anti ban host is make fool artificial intelligence prevent to scanning the code which is done by artificial intelligence.

How Anti Ban Host File Fool Pubg AI

When artificial intelligence (AI) scanning the codes of pubg mobile in the same time our anti ban host file works and hide our all changes in codes of pubg mobile and tells pubg AI to “Everything Is Ok”. and not any change in the codes of pubg mobile. this way anti ban host file works and helps to banned from pubg mobile.

Features Of Anti Ban Host File

There are many features of anti ban file that you may don’t know. some of the important features are below.
Free of cost.
preventing ban form pubg mobile.
Low ping.
fastest server.
Work with all types of host vpn.
High Secure.
Never crash automatically.

Anti Ban Host File With Strange Vpn

Now guys, whenever you use anti ban host file you need one more things that is strange vpn apk. Strange vpn apk is a host vpn which helps to run the anti ban host file. The use of the strange vpn is simply just select your anti ban file and done. your vpn is activated.
Do you know the main difference between strange vpn and normal vpn that i use normally.
you know that when ever we use normal vpn that are installed from play store is show a list of countries which makes connect to those particular counties with a specific Ip (PARTICULAR IPS )but in strange vpn we connect our dream IP (OUR IP) that i makes which is preventing to banning from online games.

Anti Ban Host File With Rancidity Vpn

Now, what is rancidity vpn?. guys this vpn is perform like a strange vpn. Both vpn strange and rancidity have same work. both have to connect our dream ips and use the anti ban host file but some hackers like this rancidity vpn because this vpn has more powerful than strange vpn.
some gamer or programmers seems that rancidity vpn never crash while playing games or activating cheats to hack the game like strange vpn. sometimes strange vpn crash in the games an suddenly banned from online games like pubg so this is the main difference on strange and rancidity vpn an noting more anything on her works.

Uses Of Anti Ban Host File

There are many uses of the anti ban host file the first and popular uses is to preventing banning from an online games like pubg mobile, free fire e.t.c

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This types of file is used only on an online games for hacking purpose. As previous told that this anti ban file hide our all changes of code that do in an online games. so this is the main uses of this anti ban host file.

What Is Anti Ban Host Apk

Anti ban host Apk is an application which provides you to latest anti ban host file. you don’t need to search host file. This app helps you to downloading anti ban host from official website. which help people to download unwanted and fake script.

What is Anti Ban Lua Script

Anti ban lua script is much difference anti ban host file. Anti ban .lua script is a collection of codes that also prevent from banned in pubg mobile whereas anti ban host file is a collection of IPS or server which also prevent from banning.
Anti ban lua script is work with game guardian while anti ban host file is work with strange vpn or rancidity vpn.

How To Make Anti Ban Host File

For making anti ban host file you need to have knowledge about servers or ips then you can easily make this types of file and earn money by selling it.
As i told you that anti ban host file is a lines of IP (INTERNET PROTOCOL) and it’s extension in .txt file. You can add several Ip in the .txt file to make anti ban file but you also have some basic knowledge about ip.

Download Anti Ban Host File

Now guys it’s time to download and use anti ban host file, to download it make sure you have install all neccessary apps that i tell below lines.
Strange or Rancidity Vpn.
Dual Space.
VIP Lua Script.
Anti Ban Host File.

Guide To Use Anti Ban Host File

Now i will say in little words to procedure for correct use of this anti ban file because one smaller mistake make your pubg ID Ban.
Firstly download and install strange or rancidity vpn.Now select your anti ban host file that you download from here and select this.
Now open game guarduian
Now open PUBG mobile inside dual space (Veteran Mod Apk)
Now Activate LUA script by game graduian on pubg mobile and enjoy it. I hope you learn too many thing about anti ban host and you enjoy the games thanks a lot for reading my article if you have helps then ask your problem on comment box. Thank you !!!


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